Notion Subscription Management

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A simple notion template for keeping track of all of your subscriptions in one spot.

In today's world where almost everything is accessible on a subscription basis. Whether it is a movie, music, apps, etc. Subscription is charged on a monthly or yearly basis. 

A person subscribes to a minimum of 10 services as per the latest survey. We are finding it more difficult to keep track of all our subscriptions as a customer because we subscribed on different dates and ends on different dates. 

Providers are using the concept of auto-renew to renew their subscriptions. As a customer, we came to notify only after getting the message from the bank. To avoid unwanted subscription renewal, I created a subscription tracker to manage all your subscriptions in a simple dashboard. 


✅ Easy to manage subscriptions based on category

✅ Pre-defined content for subscriptions

✅ A simple overview of upcoming renewal payments.

✅ Current year spent stats including overall spent on subscription

✅ Manage your billings based on Payment Type and Methods.

Version 1.2

Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, it works with Notion free and pro plans.

Can I share with my friends/team?

No, this is a personal license for individual use.

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Notion Subscription Management

4 ratings
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